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A love you've never known.  At every newborn session we feel we are documenting a little miracle.

You have waited months for your little one to arrive.  Then, those first few weeks of your baby’s life go by in a blur.  You will never have those beloved moments again, yet in the years to come it will be those very moments that you will try to relive.  The way they look so small in your arms or curl up perfectly in your neck, their tiny little toes, and the gentle way that they breathe.

Newborn portraits are a perfect way to capture all of the details of this special time and cherish them for years to come.



Maternity Portrait Sessions can be booked in your homeor also using nature as our backdrop.  Your significant other is encouraged to jump into the portraits with you and be part of the experience!  Siblings are welcome as well however the focus of a maternity session is always that beautiful belly. Maternity portrait sessions are ideally scheduled between 30-36 weeks of pregnancy.



Family, Couple, and senior portraits are some of our favorite sessions.  They are relaxed, spontaneous, intimate, and quirky!  Your job is to show up and have fun.  You won't even notice we are there.  Like all portrait sessions we will do a mixture of formal and candid shots in a location that is special to you or your family.  There is always plenty of laughter.  In the end you have a beautiful keepsake that has captured your personality, your spirit, and your love, forever.

We Offer high resolution commercial digital photography, expert photo retouching and composite in our studio and on location. With over 20 years experience, duarte image provides fast turn around for your advertising and promotional needs including advertising, portrait, food, industrial, catalog, corporate, product, people and commercial photography.

Comercial Photography


Architectural Photography


Photographing architecture can mean many things: capturing a dramatic space for a magazine spread, shooting a flattering view of a room for a real estate advertisement.

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